Suspension & Exhausts

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Your vehicles suspension is vital to ensuring a smooth and comfortable drive. The main components of a car’s suspension include a coil spring and a shock absorber. These components work together to absorb the vibrations and undulations caused by imperfections in the road surface keeping your vehicle stable and your tyres in direct contact with the road.   Problems with your suspension can cause long-term damage to the rest of your car. Worn suspension can lead to greater breaking distances due to your tyres having less contact with the road. Book your vehicle into Omnius today and our skilled mechanics will ensure your vehicle is calibrated for optimum comfort, stability and handling. All Makes & Models welcome!

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Your vehicles exhaust plays a key role in reducing the toxic fumes created by your car’s engine. Engines produce poisonous fumes such as carbon monoxide, if parts of your exhaust fail these gases might end up being pumped into your vehicle rather than safely converted and dragged out from the vehicle. Generally speaking, we recommend you have your vehicle emissions and exhaust system checked at least twice a year as a damaged exhaust can put you at risk of failing your MOT test.